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American women today can do and achieve more than their mothers or grandmothers or, for that matter, any other generation of women in history. For about the past 30 years, there’s practically nothing women have been told they cannot do.

So why do so many women

still feel like they lose themselves 

somewhere along the way?

Women are responding to a society that still treats their ways of viewing and relating to the world as not as important or valuable as those of men. And they’re still affected by both societal messages and a psychological legacy that tell them they must live up to impossible standards of perfection and put everyone else’s needs and expectations far above their own.


Women are vulnerable to these harmful messages because most women have such a deep desire for connection. For most women the essential challenge is to balance that wonderful inner call to connect with and take care of the people they love, with the voice within that tells them to be true to who they genuinely are, and to think and feel and want and share and create in their own unique and inimitable way.

For 25 years, as head of Women’s Counseling and Psychological Services in Frederick, Md., I’ve been helping women recognize the invisible factors holding them back, and pay attention to their own inner voice, in their relationships, at their work, and with their children and families. What I learned from counseling my women clients led me to write my book on this topic, called I Know I’m in There Somewhere: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity (Penguin USA, 2003).

I help women of every age go from putting themselves down and giving themselves away to trusting what they truly know and feel, and going after what they truly want. I deeply feel and believe that the more women follow what’s in their hearts and souls, the more they are contributing to the world as a whole, and to the changes that bring us all — women and men — forward.

Let me help you balance the needs and wants of others with the amplified voice of what you know and want for yourself, so you can live your fullest life.

If you want me to help you get past limiting legacies to feel more powerful in your life, call me at 301 695-5858 or email me here.

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