In Focusing teleclasses, people “come together” once a week by phone with other people from around the country (and world!) for a class, and then usually meet once in between with a partner from the class to Focus and share assignments. Working with Focusing Resources, where I am part of the faculty, my teleclasses help you to apply Focusing to the challenges of everyday life.

Right now I have no upcoming classes for non-professionals. If you would me to schedule one, let me know. What I have are some exciting new programs for therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healing professionals.

What people are saying about “Go For It: Focusing on Action”

Go For it. Focusing on Action” proved to be a very important class for me, equal parts useful and inspiring. I continue to draw upon Helene’s practical wisdom and in-the-field ninja focusing skills. The highest praise I can give “Go For It” is that it remains alive for me; I re-read notes and handouts and continue to try out various methods, as I work to pursue my goals. Helene provides an excellent template for carrying action projects forward and for finding out what kinds of support these projects need in order to grow and thrive. I love Helene’s down-to-earth and sometimes whimsical images for various processes, from “naming the potholes” to connecting the dots, or even seeing your work in the old Star Trek transporter room, half-in and half-out of materializing on this plane. Though nothing much can top “send out the flying monkeys”! This is Focusing that integrates with our most cherished dreams so that they can walk into the world and act within it.

- Abbe

The guided Focusing exercises that Helene led in the class helped me get in touch with what was going on with me about my work and where I wanted to go from here.  This course really helped me get going in a life changing direction!

- Mike