Helping You As a Therapist Grow Personally and Professionally

As a therapist you’re there for your clients, giving them the encouragement and support they’ve needed all their lives.  But who is there for you?  Where do you go when you need therapy? And where can you go when you’re dealing with a challenging case – or simply want some input, a second set of expert eyes? Where do you go to get the support and encouragement you need – and deserve?


Over the past 25 years I have both supervised and been the therapist for all types of mental health professionals. I have taught classes and workshops on the practice of psychotherapy to experienced and aspiring therapists alike.

My work is grounded in:

  • An experiential, emotion-based, focusing-oriented framework

but incorporates

  • Attachment theory
  • EMDR
  • Self-psychology
  • Developmental and environmental issues
  • Cognitive-behavioral strategies

always in the service of best understanding the client and helping her or him grow. I work to strengthen clients’ ability to “hear” and pay attention to their authentic inner voice, helping them to distinguish it from other internal and external influences and increasing their capacity to allow it to guide their feelings and actions.

As a therapist for other clinicians I provide the privacy and confidentiality you need to discuss the sometimes thorny, difficult and sensitive issues you face in your career and your personal life. Often these issues provide us with the most fertile ground for growth both as therapists and as people. I offer a safe and nurturing place to say it all, without fear of judgment, to reach a place of inner clarity and self-acceptance – as well as the perspective to provide new understanding and offer concrete suggestions on how to move forward, and through, whatever challenges you are facing.

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As a supervisor and mentor, I help you hone your skills, foster your strengths, and develop the kind of confidence and security in yourself and your therapeutic abilities that would allow you to grow as fully as you wish, both professionally and personally. I see our relationship as a collaborative, friendly, and respectful partnership that offers you a new experience of yourself as a person and as a clinician.

I work with clinicians in person, or by phone or Skype. Whether you are seeking a therapist or a supervisor-mentor, I welcome the opportunity to help you reach the personal and professional fulfillment and success that has the most meaning for you, and that you most want and desire.

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I work in the field of mental health and there are so many therapists and counselors that one could select. It was indeed my good fortune to find Helene. Upon meeting her, you are struck by her down-to-earth, unpretentious, and empathetic presence. Her innate expertise and knowledge of women’s unique challenges has helped me to slowly unravel trauma that I had suppressed. She has a very nurturing ability and style to normalize and validate the patient’s perspective and experience. Helene uses a number of therapeutic approaches that help to guide a person with a maladaptive perspective of self toward becoming more open to her or his authentic emotions. Helene is flexible and works to help her clients move toward their own goals and helps foster their independence. She has helped me in so many ways to grow and accept myself. I highly recommend her as she possesses a deep understanding of the human psyche.

- L.M., dir. of Behavior Health for healthcare facility