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When you take the courageous step of seeking counseling and psychotherapy for a problem you are struggling with, you want a seasoned professional who quickly understands and “gets it,” who can pinpoint what the problems really are, yet who is warm, easy to talk to, and totally accepting of everything you share. After spending 25 years as a practicing psychologist in Frederick, Md., helping so many people dealing with a huge variety of life issues and challenges, I have the experience and knowledge to help you begin to experience relief starting from the very first session.

Whatever you’re feeling or going through right now, I will thoroughly listen to you and help you sort it out. I have dedicated my professional life to learning the most effective ways to help people achieve deep and lasting change through therapy that is empathic, effective, grounded in the latest research and tailored to your needs.

The hardest step is the first one, of reaching out for help.

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Some of my more geographically distant clients have found that a combination of therapy sessions in person and by phone has worked well to balance their busy schedules and the inner healing they wish to do.

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What people are saying:

I have never in my life met anyone with such a deep capacity to honor whatever people are experiencing. She has a unique appreciation and acceptance of everything that is human, and such complete faith and confidence in human nature. Helene taught me to honor whatever I felt. From her I learned how to have empathy for myself, and confidence in myself and all the good stuff waiting inside me.

— J.H. 37 Florida

Working with Helene and the inner voice has been a life-altering experience.  She taught me to tune in to my body and get my soul to speak and tell me the things I need to know. I’ve been in therapy, off and on, for many years. I won’t say other therapists didn’t help, but I outgrew their approaches very quickly. Helene was the exception. Once she established who I was and what direction my soul needed to take, she went to work guiding it there.  I have seen tremendous progress in the most important areas of my life– work, stress, relationships, and spirituality.

Helene has a rare ability. She has the science and the art together. All of my life, my emotions and sensitivities were so powerful, I almost couldn’t stand other people, and I couldn’t stand myself. Helene showed me how to trust my feelings and listen to them with compassion. Now they are my friends and helpers. Recently I received another promotion, and I was told it was because of “my extraordinary ability to handle people. Thanks, Helene!

— S.E.

I had always been a very intellectual person. Dr. Brenner’s brilliance was in getting me to trust my simple knowledge of what was going on inside me and all around me, especially with my husband. I am a more grounded person now, and much happier, too.

— A.V.M., 41, Research Scientist, Ljamsville, Md.

Before I felt like I was going with the wind. I felt at the whim of others. Now I know that I’m in control. Helene has given me incredible tools to handle my emotions.  I wish I’d found her 20 years sooner.

— D.B., 52, office manager, Walkersville, Md.

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