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“Awakening the Essential Self: The Core of Focusing-Oriented Therapy”

If you’ve ever experienced Focusing, you’ve known the amazing ways it can help you break through seemingly intractable problems, and gain clarity and emotional balance when even minutes before it felt impossible. But if you’re a psychotherapist or other healing professional, you may have felt stymied when you tried to bring this wonderful gift to your clients. This telecourse is designed to give you, in five classes, the fundamentals of how to translate the healing principles of Focusing into the kinds of work you do with the kinds of clients you currently have.

This course will show you how to:

    • Build an alliance between yourself as the therapist and the client’s Essential Self
    • Awaken your clients to their own wisdom and inner compassion
    • Draw inner forward movement — steps forward that emerge from their own healing capacities — from even very externally-oriented clients

I’ll also discuss a different way to assess your client’s healing capacities, and talk about how you can share the value of this approach with colleagues and other professionals, even the skeptical ones.

This course is the first and prerequisite class for a telecourse series on Focusing-Oriented Therapy that I will be giving exclusively through Focusing Resources. It runs from 12:30 – 1:45 Eastern Time for five Fridays from October 30th – December 4th, skipping November 27th. And if you should miss a class, all classes are recorded for playback.The cost is only $195, $245 after Oct 22nd.  But make sure to register, because registration closes on Oct 25th!

If you’d like to register or wish to learn more, then click here

“Meeting at the Edge of Change: A Six-Month Core Skills Program in Focusing-Oriented Therapy”

Would you like to delve into the amazing potential of both Focusing and Focusing-oriented Therapy, in-depth and in-person? Then come join me for Meeting at the Edge of Change. For two weekends and two Saturdays, we will go deeply into the process of learning both Focusing and Focusing-oriented Therapy in a small, intimate group of fellow professionals.

Meeting at the Edge of Change is part of a two-year program for certification as a Focusing-oriented Therapist, but participation in the second year is not mandatory. Previous graduates of Meeting at the Edge of Change called it “powerful and truly transformative,” “invaluable” and “incredibly helpful in teaching me how to trust my client’s ability to find health and healing in a respectful, non-intrusive and deeply naturalistic way.” Participants also valued the “truly caring and safe environment” that allowed them to learn new material and explore their own inner places, which is essential to truly appreciating and using this approach. As one therapist put it, “I came home…..I continue to grow way beyond expectations.”

I am right now assembling a group of therapists to participate in the next Meeting at the Edge of Change beginning in 2016. If you’re interested in this program, please let me know below. You can also learn more about the program by clicking here.

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