Trauma Psychotherapy, Frederick MD

EMDR, Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) & AEDP

Three innovative approaches for breaking through entrenched emotional and behavioral patterns to achieve transformative and long-lasting change


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

A proven approach for safely accessing and releasing locked-in traumatic memories

Psychological trauma is not only terrible to live through; it often can be very difficult to get over. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an effective tool for treating certain types of anxiety disorders, and for alleviating the pain and distress caused by many forms ofpsychological trauma. I’m certified in EMDR, and have used it as part of what I offer to my clients for more than 20 years. Learn more

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

Healing the injured heart

Often people think that if they can just “work through” their early trauma, they automatically won’t have emotional difficulties anymore. But this usually isn’t the case. Reducing the emotional pain associated with traumatic memories is one part of many people’s healing process. But learning that it’s safe to be open to your feelings in the presence of another person is the second part, and it’s just as vital.

AEDP is a therapy designed specifically to create that safe space. Learn more

Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT)

A powerful way to achieve transformative change

Have you ever felt frustrated that no matter how much work you’ve done on yourself, you still find yourself doing things you know you really don’t want to do, and not doing the things you tell yourself you want to do? 

Probably everyone has had this feeling. We end up throwing up our hands and deciding we must have a “saboteur” inside us. Either that, or we think that we must lack “discipline” or “willpower” or “self-control.” We try even harder to change our “negative” thoughts and feelings. Or we may blame the things we don’t like about ourselves on ourselves on our childhoods. But nothing seems to work. 

What if you could get below all that? What if you could get to your subconscious feelings and the subconscious reasons for the emotions and  behaviors that “don’t make sense” to you? Understanding these reasons and feelings, and giving them a specific kind of attention, will make it a whole lot easier to change in the ways you want.  Learn more

What is split off, not felt, remains the same. When it is felt, it changes. A few moments of feeling it in your body allows it to change. If there is in you something bad or sick or unsound, let it inwardly be, and breathe. That’s the only way it can evolve and change into the form it needs.

Gene Gendlin

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