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Success Coaching for Women

A Two-Pronged Approach to Help You Make a Major Change in Your Life:

More Action-Oriented Than Therapy

More Feeling-Oriented Than Coaching



Have you been wanting to make a major change in your life?



Or reach a long-held goal? 

Or even set out in an entirely new direction?

Do you keep running into difficulties and getting stuck? 

If you’re like many people, you’ve already tried to get help to reach your goals, but couldn’t find help that really fit your needs.

Maybe you sought out a therapist, but soon found that all you were doing was processing feelings and dealing with leftover childhood issues. At first this was helpful, but then you began to wonder, “Is this really helping me toward my goals?”

So then you tried a “life coach.” But the next thing you knew, you were trying to shoehorn your life goals into that person’s five- or six- or eight-point “program,” full of formulas and daily goals and cookie-cutter questions, until you wanted to shout, “Hey, can we talk more about how I feel before you tell me what I should do?”

Well, maybe neither of those approaches really fits you. I know they don’t fit me. 

Maybe you want something more in the middle; an approach that works with both feelings and strategies, the internal and the external,

That’s what I offer: a two-pronged approach that deals with the real-life challenges of reaching for big goals and dreams and the emotional difficulties that get in the way.  

Success Coaching for Women is for you if:

  • You’ve already had some tangible successes in your life, but you know you’re capable of more
  • You have a clear-cut and achievable, but difficult, goal or vision in mind
  • You’re willing and able to make changes in your life in pursuit of your goals and dreams
  • You have a great deal of desire and drive, and see yourself as someone who can make things happen
  • At the same time, you know you need support on both the psychological and the pragmatic/strategic levels to pursue and attain your goal

LET’S FACE IT – Going after a big goal and achieving it is HARD. If it were easy, a lot more people would do it. 

But only a small fraction of people even have a big goal or dream they would like to accomplish, and only a fraction of those actually come anywhere near to attaining it.

Why is it so hard to pursue and achieve major goals? 

Sadly, it  may even be more challenging  for women than for men, for several reasons.

First, it takes a lot of concentration and determination to accomplish a big goal. But most women’s lives are complicated, with many responsibilities and obligations competing for their time and attention. Carving out the time and space to go after a dream of your own is not only logistically challenging; it goes against all the conditioning we receive as women that says that our own dreams for ourselves should come last.

Second, as we all know, there are many fields where there are still major roadblocks against women rising to a high level of achievement. 

Third, our own feelings can get in the way. If you’re like many women, you feel like you should be more confident, less anxious, and know everything you need to know before you can start pursuing your goals. But it isn’t true. 

You don’t have to become a braver, stronger, more confident version of yourself to start going after what your heart calls out for you to do. You can begin from exactly where you are today, with whatever questions, conflicting emotions and insecurities you currently have. 

There are many pressures on women to give up on their aspirations, thinking those aspirations don’t matter. But they do. Whatever field you’re in, you’re meant to contribute your talents and abilities at the highest level you can. And I’d love to help you get there.  

How Does Success Coaching for Women Work?

Simply put, I will help you tackle both the external and the internal obstacles that are between you and achieving your goal. 

Let’s start with the external obstacles.

To accomplish a big and difficult goal, you need a structure and a plan. You need to draw a map to the goals you want to achieve, and the changes you wish to make, and set out on your journey. Later, when you get a little lost, you can go back to the map and ask, “Where am I again?” And when you’ve had a setback, or simply forgotten where you’re going for a time (which will almost certainly happen), you need the skill to look at the map and get back on track.

Yet as we all know, no matter how determined, focused and hard-working you are, life is still likely to put big boulders in the way of what you’re trying to achieve – if it hasn’t already. That’s why we will work together to find creative strategies around those obstacles. With creative strategizing, you can become the unstoppable river that flows around the boulders that get in your way. 


But as we all know, the internal obstacles are just as big, if not bigger. 

Deep fears and internal conflicts arise when you start to think seriously about pursuing a major goal. 

Some of these are rooted in real present-day concerns. 

“Will going after this goal disrupt my family?” 

“How will this affect my partner?” 

“What will happen if I devote more energy to pursuing my dream and less to my current job, or to taking care of the people around me?” 

Then there are the deeper fears and blocks that can hijack you and steal your drive and direction. Like the voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve this?” 

I’ve found that this voice often gets loudest whenever you start making real progress toward what you’ve always wanted!

In my experience, you can’t just will these fears and strong emotions away. Often they come from the very core of your identity and beliefs about who you are and who you’re supposed to be. Sometimes they’re based on very deep-rooted painful memories. 

Here’s where my skills and knowledge as a psychologist who’s worked for three decades with people’s deepest emotions, memories and beliefs becomes invaluable. This is also where my additional expertise in some of the leading innovative somatic approaches can help you break through emotional blocks to action much more quickly and efficiently, possibly saving months of time in therapy. 

Wherever you encounter fears, inner conflicts or emotional blocks, whether they arise from current life circumstances or deep-seated unconscious memories and core beliefs, we will face them together, with great compassion but also great determination to not let them stop you

Is Success Coaching for Women what you want and need right now? 

In our first session or two together, we will determine whether Success Coaching fits your needs at this moment, or whether one of my other services would be more helpful.

If you’re ready, willing and able to take the steps to accomplish what you’ve never accomplished before – if you’ve got the mind, heart, and ability to take your life in a new direction – then I’m excited about helping you do it. Fill out the contact form below to tell me who you are and what you want to do, and let’s begin.


There is no limit to what we, as women, can Accomplish

– Michelle Obama-

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