My Services

I honor and respect the courage it took to make the decision to seek compassionate and effective help. Here are many different ways in which you and I can work together to tackle whatever you are facing.

Seeking help is the most powerful
step you can take for yourself

Individual Teletherapy

When the issues in your life, or the emotional turmoil within, feel too big, difficult, painful or frightening to resolve, it becomes hard to see clearly, find your balance, and know what your next step is. That’s when getting good help to look within and listen to your inner self becomes most important – and most likely to be fruitful.

Success Coaching for Women

If you’re someone with the drive and determination to reach a high goal or set a new course for your life, let me help you work through and overcome both the practical and emotional obstacles in your way.

EMDR, Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) and AEDP

Have you ever felt that regular therapy just keeps you “talking in circles.” with no resolution? These three innovative evidence-based approaches, when added to therapy, can take you deeper, safely releasing locked-in feelings and memories and creating felt shifts that lead to lasting, transformative change.

Psychotherapy for High

Achieving Women

Do you see yourself as successful? Perhaps you don’t. But you work very hard. You’ve risen far in your career. You may be the primary or sole breadwinner. And you deal with big challenges at the expense of recognizing and attending to your own needs and feelings. Let me help you live successfully and be emotionally successful as well.

Psychotherapy for Trauma & PTSD

When you go through something that is too much to handle, whether because it’s too frightening or too physical or emotionally painful, it leaves a scar on your psyche. But you don’t have to keep living in the shadow of painful memories.

Focusing-Oriented Therapy Supervision

If you’re a therapist who’s discovered Focusing, you know what a powerful tool it is for self-awareness and transformation. Learn to facilitate more effectively this deep and remarkable inner bodily-centered awareness in your clients.

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