Trauma Psychotherapy, Frederick MD

Individual Therapy

To help you grow and thrive,
not just survive

Are you feeling a deep need and drive to grow, feel better inside, or make an important change in your life?

For more than 30 years I have been helping women and men go through struggles and challenges to find their next step forward.

Whatever challenge you are facing

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Career issues
  • Major life transitions
  • Parenting and adult children issues
  • Painful unresolved past experiences

I provide you with the help, support and guidance you need to work through whatever you are dealing with to find your own inner strength, clarity and direction and go from feeling “stuck,” unhappy or unfulfilled to finding a renewed sense of purpose and vitality in your life.

My experience gives me the ability to quickly zero in on the heart of what you are going through, in all of its complexity, to help you start feeling better and moving forward in your life with newly found hope and self-confidence.

My Approach

First and foremost, I create a very safe and accepting space for you to talk about and explore whatever you’re dealing with in your life, and everything you’re experiencing inside. I want to truly get to know and understand you in all of your uniqueness. 

My first aim is to meet and address what’s distressing you right now so you can gain immediate relief. 

Then as we progress, I explore with you to find where the “knots” are. These are both the internal blocks you have — the feelings you have been holding in or have not been able to access – and the external issues – the very real challenges you face in your everyday life. 

My experience gives me the ability to quickly zero in on the heart of what you are going through, in all of its complexity, to help you start feeling better and moving forward in your life with newly found hope and self-confidence.

About Teletherapy

At this time, my practice is completely virtual, seeing clients through Zoom.

I am a licensed psychologist in Maryland, and also hold the PSYPACT license, which grants me the ability to practice Teletherapy in Washington DC, Virginia,  North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington state, Minnesota and 26 other states.


Listening to Your Inner Self

For your internal blocks, I believe that true change comes from self-compassion. In therapy I support and encourage you to be open to everything within you, and to go   deeply. Because, often, the deeper you go, the further you get. Emotion has the word “motion” in it. When you allow yourself to feel your feelings, they move and change. It’s when feelings are denied that they stay stuck.

At the same time, if you’ve experienced trauma, I never want you to be overwhelmed by feelings that are too intense to handle. Nor do I want you to become identified with your past pain, as if that’s the most defining thing about you.

Whether it happened six days or sixty years ago, there’s so much more to you than any terrible experience you’ve had.

The only reason to feel painful blocked emotions is to free you from being braced against them, so you can live more fully now. 

Leaving aside trauma, all of us, whether we’ve had trauma or not, have deeper, hidden feelings and inner conflicts that lie below our conscious awareness. They’re stored in our unconscious and in subtle feelings in our bodies. That’s why I often weave into therapy three innovative, evidence-based therapeutic approaches: EMDR, Inner Relationship Focusing Therapy (IRFT), and AEDP.

These approaches, used at the right time, help to safely release locked-in feelings. Even more, they integrate your subconscious inner self with your conscious “thinking” brain. This creates an altogether new and different sense of “wholeness” in yourself, and often leads to surprising,  unexpected resolutions to long-standing problems. And they give you greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

Thoughts and Beliefs Also Count

But psychological growth and healing doesn’t only involve feelings. Your beliefs, values, and the limits you place on yourself also impact you and your feelings about yourself, other people, and your life. These can be part of what we work on together as well.

Practical, Strategic, Present-Oriented Help as Well

As for the external “knots”: We all know there are difficult situations and interpersonal challenges that no amount of internal healing alone will make go away.  For those, I take a very pragmatic and practical approach to your whole life. [read more]We work together to find ways to make the changes you want from within the life you have. I help you identify and then carry out practical, incremental and do-able steps toward real change. [/read]

Help for All Kinds of Relationships

Relationships, of all kinds, are often the most difficult challenges of all.  Together we work to identify the numerous issues and dynamics that are causing the problems in your relationship and work out strategies to address them. [read more]
Even more important, I can help you develop the skills to communicate in difficult relationships in ways that help mend those relationships while helping you get more of what you want and need within them. 

That includes spouses and romantic partners, bosses and co-workers, siblings, elderly parents, and your children, whether they’re three or 33. [/read]

No matter what obstacles you face or difficulties you are going through today, I look forward to the opportunity to help you grow, heal, and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teletherapy Effective?

I have worked virtually for over 20 years with clients throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. When the pandemic began in March 2020 I went fully virtual with my practice, seeing all my clients through Zoom, and I have remained virtual since. My clients and I have found that teletherapy is every bit as effective as therapy in the office, and much easier to fit into their busy lifestyle.

Is Teletherapy Recognized if I Live Out of State?

Teletherapy is becoming increasingly accepted by state licensing boards and health insurance companies throughout the United States. Through the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT), I have attained authorization to practice telepsychology in the District of Columbia and 32 states, including Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. More states are being added every year.

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