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Success Coaching for Women

More Action-Oriented Than Therapy

More Feeling-Oriented Than Coaching

Have you been wanting to make a major change in your life?

Or reach a long-held goal?

Or even set out in an entirely new direction?

Do you keep running into difficulties and getting stuck?

Maybe you haven’t gotten the kind of help that deals with the whole picture.

If you’re like many women who’ve come to me, you’ve already tried to get help to reach your goals. But you couldn’t find help that really fit your needs.

Therapists usually work on the internal issues and emotional blocks that get in your way, but don’t deal in-depth with the practical, real-life challenges of pursuing a big, audacious goal and making it come true. Career or life coaches may be good at helping you with those practical and strategic issues, but they’re not trained to help you with the deeper and thornier issues and feelings that arise when you start pursuing what you’ve always wanted.

That’s why I offer a two-pronged approach that deals with both the real-life challenges of reaching for big goals and dreams and the emotional difficulties that get in the way.  

Success Coaching for Women is for you if:
  • You’ve already had some tangible successes in your life, but you know you’re capable of more
  • You have a clear-cut and achievable, but difficult, goal or vision in mind
  • You’re willing and able to make changes in your life in pursuit of your goals and dreams
  • You have a great deal of desire and drive, and see yourself as someone who can make things happen
  • At the same time, you know you need support on both the psychological and the pragmatic/strategic levels to pursue and attain your goal
Success Coaching for Women
emotional reactions

Let’s be honest — going after a big goal and achieving it is HARD. If it were easy, a lot more people would do it. 

It’s even more difficult if, like most women, your life is already full of responsibilities and obligations.

In addition, the vast majority of women have been conditioned their entire lives to always put others ahead of themselves. Women are rarely taught to believe in themselves or their highest dreams and aspirations.

But you don’t have to become a braver, stronger, more confident version of yourself to start going after what your heart calls out for you to do. You can begin from exactly where you are today, with whatever questions, conflicting emotions and insecurities you currently have. 

How Does Success Coaching for Women Work?

I help you tackle both the pragmatic, strategic issues and the internal challenges that are between you and achieving your goal. 

Pragmatic and Strategic Processes for Success

Together, we will:

  • Clarify your dream or goal and your purpose in pursuing it
  • Map the steps between you and what you want to achieve
  • Lay out the milestones, so you know if you’re making progress
  • Create a structure and a plan, so that you have the framework in your life to devote enough time and energy to pursue your goal
  • Decide each week what your next best step forward is in the coming week or two and follow up on those steps the following week.
  • Develop creative strategies around the huge obstacles you will inevitably encounter along the way
Successful woman facing internal struggles
Internal Issues

As we all know, as big as the external challenges are, the internal challenges are just as big, if not bigger.

  • Frustration, Exhaustion and Discouragement — leading to becoming Unfocused, and Procrastinating (FED-UP). 
  • Relationship conflicts
  • The fear that pursuing your goal or dream will short-change or disrupt your family

    And most importantly….

  • Deep fears and inner conflicts

Together we will develop strategies and build your inner and outer resources so you don’t get so FED-UP.

But it’s those deep fears and inner conflicts that can really knock you off track, hijacking you and stealing your drive and direction.

It’s that voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can do this?”

Most of the time, you can’t just will these fears and strong emotions away. But I can help you work through these thoughts and emotions so they don’t stop you.

With three decades of experience helping people with their deepest emotions, memories and beliefs, and advanced training in leading innovative therapeutic approaches, I can help you break through emotional blocks to action much more quickly and efficiently, possibly saving months of time in therapy. 

Is Success Coaching for Women what you want and need right now?

In our first session or two together, we will determine whether Success Coaching fits your needs at this moment, or whether one of my other services would be more helpful.

If you’re ready, willing and able to take the steps to accomplish what you’ve never accomplished before – if you’ve got the mind, heart, and ability to take your life in a new direction – then I’m excited about helping you do it. 

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish

-Michelle Obama-

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